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Business Issue

High customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are important items for one of our clients in financial services. However, increasing and properly managing NPS and KTV remains a major challenge because they are affected in a complex way by various internal and external factors. Better insight into the real drivers and an adequate tool are necessary to better manage the NPS and KTV.


Approach and solution

Working closely with management, product managers, data engineers, NPS managers and Customer Service agents throughout the company and external agencies to generate and/or gather the relevant data (metrics, KPI’s).

Performing advanced data analytics to create new insights and/or develop predictive models. Translating these new insights into practical recommendations for the performance improvement of the processes. Furthermore we also designed and developed interactive dashboards & visuals containing overviews on NPS scores, Customer Satisfaction, Clients Profiles, Root causes, Trends and Interventions, etc..



With the NPS Management Framework it is now possible to identify, limit and report undesirable developments earlier. Through additional insights, more focused actions are possible, which are of great added value in the Customer satisfaction management processes. In addition to increasing efficiency, customer satisfaction has also been improved through faster interventions.