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MetrixAnalytics is an independent Analytics, Training and Consultancy firm established in the Netherlands. MetrixAnalytics specializes in Business and People Analytics services and has built up unique expertise in the execution of strategic projects at the cutting edge of People and Business Analytics.
We carry out smart analyzes for our customers with immediately usable results.

vision, branding, mission, values

Our mission statement

MetrixAnalytics is an independent Analytics, Training and Consultancy firm founded in The Netherlands.
We help leaders make better people decisions.

MetrixAnalytics Approach

scientific approach

At MetrixAnalytics we do not follow the hype, but our analytics approach is based on scientific chemical analytics principles and practical business mindset. We do not mindlessly use every available dataset or just throw fancy algorithms at big datasets. We value the Right Data over Big Data. Because experience learns that, just like in chemistry, using the wrong ingredients or formula can have severe detrimental consequences.

vision, branding, mission, values

Best results fast

Therefore, we take great care in selecting and using the right datasets and algorithms. This approach enables us to achieve the best results fast and if possible with limited resources. At the same time it makes implementing the acquired analytics insights into business operations easier.