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Drs. Ricardo Breeveld MSc

Ricardo Breeveld is passionate about increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and improving the performance of people, products and services by using Business Intelligence, Business Analytics and People Analytics.

Over the past two years, as a Business & People Analytics Senior at Achmea, he has executed various advanced analytics projects to improve the performance of processes, teams and employees around claim handling.


Prior to this position he successfully executed several People Analytics and Business Analytics  projects in various industries and market segments in both the private and public sector.

He started his career as a Research Scientist and R&D Project Manager at AkzoNobel. This resulted among others in ten patents, new products and in 1999 he was awarded the AkzoNobel R&D Award for the most successful development and market introduction of new products.


In 2000 he left AkzoNobel and developed, inspired by a group of HR Directors, the HR Portfolio management Method©. With the HR Portfolio management Method© it is possible to link competence management and performance management. Later on he extended this approach to the more comprehensive MetrixAnalytics Method. With this method he was a Finalist of the Global People Analytics Award 2017.


He holds degrees in Business Administration, Information Management and Advanced Analytics from the Universities of Amsterdam and Leiden in The Netherlands.