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Business Issue

Improve the alignment of the required staffing with the workload in order to improve the service to customers, save operational costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Approach and solution

Working closely with management, data engineers, claim handlers, HR Managers and HR Business Partners and external agencies to generate and/or gather the relevant internal and external data. The internal data was especially enriched with external weather data.

Performing advanced data analytics to create new insights and/or develop predictive models. Translating these new insights into practical recommendations for the performance improvement of the planning processes. Furthermore we also designed and developed dashboards & visuals containing overviews on number of Calls, Claims, Agents Needed, Trends etc..


With the Dynamic Capacity Planning, the company now has a good guarantee that the qualitative and quantitative workforce is better attuned to the expected workload.

In addition to higher customer satisfaction, this project also ensured a substantial saving of operational costs by 35%.