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You want to increase awareness or support for Business Analytics or People Analytics in your organization? Or maybe you want to discover more possibilities for applying Data Analytics in your organization with inspiring use cases?  Data Analytics is becoming increasingly important. New companies with modern, data-driven technologies displace the established order. You wonder what the impact is for your company, department or job.



Together we select a suitable theme and working method based on your objective. Together with the knowledge of your organization, we explore the possibilities for your organization type and which value People Analytics or Business Analytics can hold for you.


Popular themes for Business and People Analytics presentations and workshops are:


  • People Analytics: Traditions, Trends & Applications
  • The human side of Data Analytics
  • Better insight into patterns and factors of absenteeism
  • Cheap Labor Paradox: Why cheap labor is often more expensive
  • The risks of an Up-or-Out career policy
  • Busting the myth that the highest educated candidate is also the best performer.



We are happy to determine the desired result together with you, whether that is increasing awareness, support or more inspiration in the field of Business Analytics or People Analytics.